The future of the drayage TMS has arrived.

PortPro is an automated transportation management system that uses 21st Century technology to optimize operations for container drayage carriers.


Automate Operations

PortPro streamlines the way trucking companies operate in the ports. From automatically tracking your LFDs to letting you know when/where empties need to be returned. We do it all


Go Paperless

Tired of scanning? Tired of losing TIRS and PODS and having a delay in your billing? PortPro gives your drivers a mobile app where they can get electronic signatures for their PODS and scan all their paperwork directly into the load they worked on.


Increase Business

Separate yourself from the competition. Give your customer their own FREE visibility portal when they can get status updates on their loads, access paperwork and have visibility over their containers


Cut Expenses

Do things faster and SAVE money. It shouldn’t take time to dispatch your drivers or invoice your customers. Let the computer do those things, and let your employees help you GROW your business

Save time and money.


New features every month

We are continuing to push the envelope. Everyday we are working on improving the system and adding new features for your company. Have an idea? We will fully customize and develop it for you.. AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE

Pay ONLY $3.33 per day per truck.

Thats right pay less than $3.50 per day for each truck in your fleet. No on-boarding fee, no support charges. Its all included

Beautifully designed
apps & websites

Our focus is to offer you the top aesthetically
pleasing UI on the market.

QuickBooks Integration

We are directly integrated with QuickBooks.
You are able to handle all invoices and apply all payments
through PortPro. The integration will take
all that data and share it onto your Quickbooks account

Driver Messaging

Stop texting with your drivers.
With PortPro you have your own messaging system, when you
can send them messages from. 1 on 1. Group Chats.
We handle it all

GPS Tracking

We allow you to live track your drivers
location. The system also keeps a location history of where
your drivers were while they
were working on a specific load.

Some of the benefits of using PortPro

Automate and gain an advantage


Mobile app for drivers

Dispatch all the load info to your drivers mobile app. From their they will do check ins, scan in all their documents, input their chassis #s etc!


Container Tracking

The system automatically tracks the container’s last free day, cut off day and last empty return day.


10 Second Invoicing

Our billing modules allows you to invoice multiple loads in a matter of seconds. The system automatically calculates your rates. Stop scanning and attaching invoices to emails. Just approve and you’re done.


Automated Collections

Have an account that is NET 30?If there is still a balance on the account, on the 31st day the system will automatically re-invoice the customer with all paperwork attached. It will continue following up until the balance is gone.


Drop & Hook Tracker

SDirectly from the system see where all your container are dropped and how long they are dropped for. You can also easily do yard checks and mark when a container is ready to be picked up!


Customer Portal

Give your customer a free portal where they can track all the loads they are working on with you. Separate yourself from the competition and increase your sales